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Guy Kawasaki pointed me to a brand new profession Chief Listener. Forget the fuzzy sweater, the inviting divan or the steaming pot of tea near the cozy fireplace. A Chief Listener listens online, looking if the brand that pays him/her gets mentioned somewhere.

Lately online titles crack me up. Browsing through twitter biographies I find Chief Social Media Officers, Gurus, Specialists, an  Onlinemetrist, Padawans, SoMeYedi’s , Experts, a Tweetpert (I kid you not), Chief Online Conversation Analyst, Conversation Managers, Mavens, Social Media Cross Over Consultants, and –I hope you are sitting – a non-executive chairman of a digital thinktank. Nomen est omen.

I have the bizarre feeling that the more a person is in the dark on what to do for a living, the more eccentric the online title becomes :-).  I need to build a reputational savvy global positioning creditproof title for when I grow up. Rainmaker. I think it suits me :-).

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