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200460805-001Santa Claus is a creepy old guy on a destructive mission: messing up WiFi. That is what AirMagnet a radio-planning firm concluded after extensive research. Yep, some people just have too much time, or are popping the wrong pills. 🙂AirMagnet  warns in The Informer of the disastrous effects of tinsel and X-mass decoration on WLAN performance: signal strength down by 25 per cent. Path-loss over distance up by a third. And that’s not all: flashing fairy lights may generate high levels of RF noise. Scary. And Christmas trees absorb up to a third of the signal.  Oops.I hired an expensive Feng Shui expert with a master’s degree in electronical engineering to find the right spot for our family Christmas tree. Apparently, I can still do e-mail if I turn the tree East.

Luckily, my faithful Bluetooth headset appears to be Santa-proof.

The little red man. I never trusted him..


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