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 Boy did I love it. The flashy design. The magic wheel. Thousands of songs. Hard disk. Gigs. The envious looks.  The knowing smiles. Costed me an arm and a leg. My Ipod.

FOC_027Actually, make that “Ipods”. Multiple ones. One just died. Ones battery gave up. One just disappeared. One fell, and was beyond repair. The last one did not have the video thingy.  Thinking of it, I spent more money on Ipods than on my first car. 🙁

 But no more. The Ipod is old. Forgotten technology. Has been. Survival of the fittest requires evolution. 6631-000053 The Ipod did not evolve. My mobile phone has a nicer interface, a better screen. But worse. Ipod does not have Bluetooth wireless technology. It requires a stupid cable, in 2007. I can not connect it to my Parrot speakers, I can not use my Bluetooth stereoheadset. Ipod seems to be braindead… so I buried it.  End of an Era.

I will buy a new one when Ipod grows up, and becomes wireless… I promise!


  • bram says:

    All quite wonderful this bluetooth wireless technology, but i still prefer USB 2.0 cable speed above Bluetooth speed. No offence but when you have to pump over 30 giga, the choice is made pretty fast 🙂 Although the stereoheadset is pretty tempting, i think i’ll stick with my good old ipod for a while 🙂

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