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Second Life: Help! My Avatar is bored to death!

There has been a lot of fuzz about Second Life.  The cool virtual world where you can get rich just by selling virtual land. The crowded virtual world where you could boldly go where even captain Kirk could not. Well, my personal avatar Heliade Beck is living there… and honestly, lately it is bored to death. Ok, we did fly a bit in the beginning. That was fun.  And we own a cyber car. How cool is that? And we tried the Segway. Jippie.

And, well…. We generally felt lonely. We went to 2ndLife meetings where no-one showed up. We hanged around in empty discos. We saw hundreds of not moving avatars. Where the heck are all these millions of people? Cyber holiday?  A virus? Did the Borgs invade? Or just a too-much-hype digestion? Or is my Avatar consuming too much garlic?

2 thoughts on “Second Life: Help! My Avatar is bored to death!

  1. i know what your talking about i thought it was so cool at first but then it got really boreing

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