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I spent the better part of a Sunny afternoon in a dusty meeting room. Though that sounds cruel, I do not really mind. My boss pays me some money to be in dusty meeting rooms with clients, and last time I checked, it was pretty much what I do for a living. That and doing email, phone calls and bringing dirty coffee cups back to the dishwasher on the ground floor. 

Well, in that meeting room, listening to an endless presentation swamped with too much data, wrong color schemes and brought by a sweaty pointy headed lad I noticed that my neighbor was deftly filling in a giant Sudoku. 

Now I’ve seen people buying Porsches online during meetings, chatting with ladyboys in Thailand, filling in their timesheets, or slowly snoring glide into their private Xanadu out of pure boredom. But Sudoku? I do not get it. 

It’s like jigsaws. People proud of spending a fortnight on the ground on hands and knees to patiently wade through 15000 pieces with shades of blue, all with one aim: puzzling the Niagara Falls together? And on the last morning proudly say: I did it, and shovel the pieces back in the box. Or crosswords. Trying to figure out “Big in Japan backwards in Korea’” and try to dot that in the five cases left on 6 horizontal. 

Sudoku, jigsaws and crosswords should be blasted somewhere into the middle of last year. If we could harness and harvest all the brainpower wasted on these things, we would have found cures to cancer, global warming, ebola and AIDS. 

Luckily Sudoku was not very popular in Einstein’s days…. 


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