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By 17/05/2008One Comment

I have something with books. Since I was a little boy, I am fascinated by the stories and worlds that books are able to project. I read them, I collect them… I am pretty helpless and unhappy without them. People who like me, often offer me books… a sweet behavior that is encouragedJ.  

When I was offered Stardust by Neil Gaiman, I could not stop reading. I read it twice in three days. Here was somebody, offering me a book that I adored. That was written in a way that made me shiver, and glow, and smile. The little boy in me enjoyed the fairytale, the writer in me fell in love with the sparkling language, the rest of me simply dreamed away.

It takes big cojones to write a tale for adults that involves witches, falling stars and enchanted forests, and features talking goats, helpful unicorns and burning love. Gaiman’s prose creates me a parallel world that fits me. I parked the book on my trusted shelves, next to my all time favorite Dune by Frank Herbert. And I’ll be watching out for falling stars…. 😉

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