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Sttt. Your kid is developing its skills…

By 18/05/2010No Comments

I can feel your pain. Your teenager is a total weirdo, with wrong hair, beginning acne, white earbuds plugged in securely in its pointy ears.

“It” eats no meat, and gazes all day to a computer screen while texting friends. No worries. You’re fine. The fruit of your love is not turning into a lonely socially challenged psychopath (well, most are not, anyway).

You just have a digital native at home. And trust me, that plethora of connecting devices; battery eating little gismos and flat screens that comes with your sweet little teenager are what the riffle is for a Para trooper: gear for survival. In todays connected world, mastering the social connection abc is simply a must.

Many parents fear that all that digital and electric hocus pocus interacts negatively with the way kids develop relationships, emotional bonds, and ultimately their own identities. Many fear that it will negatively impact the ability to communicate, interact and work with others.

Amori Yee Mikami, a University of Virginia psychologist, just conducted a research that proves that your kid is..; well doing fine actually. More than fine: Mikami found that the kids that spend the most of the time on social media sites are often the healthiest psychologically. How’s that? 😉

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