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They are finally in bed. All of them. Even the cat. The lights of the Christmas tree twinkle on and off with the memories of the departing year. I just, in yearly tradition, booked everything for SXSW2024. Flight, car, hotel, badge. It eases my mind, ever a nomad in the digital realm, that everything is lining up for the annual pilgrimage to the heart of innovation and madness – SXSW 2024. Ah, Austin! The city where a plethora of ideas pirouette in the air like shimmering tinsel, where tomorrow’s dreams are whispered over brisket and beers. The final countdown starts.

#DigitalFrontiers, Dusty Boots, and rattle snakes

Each year, for over two decades, I find myself amidst the mavericks and the maestros, the tech wizards and the storytellers, all converging in a kaleidoscope of ambition, sound, keynotes, chicken wings, and innovation at SXSW. As a grumpy yet ever-curious middle-aged man, I navigate the throngs, my eyes and ears open to the serendipitous symphony of the future being concocted in every corner.

The 2024 edition beckons already with perky promises of even more audacious tech adventures. Will quantum computing finally saunter out of labs, rubbing shoulders with indie bands and startup pitches? Can we expect AI to serenade us with algorithms that dream? Whatever the case, my bags will be packed with chargers, gadgets, and an insatiable appetite for the next big thing.


As a seasoned sojourner of SXSW, I’ve seen the rise and fall of many ‘next big things.’ I’ve hobnobbed with the AI elite, raising an eyebrow at the prophets of doom and gloom and sharing tacos with optimists who see digital salvation around every corner. My mission? To sift through the buzz, the hype, and the sheer spectacle to find the nuggets of true innovation and digital gold.

And let’s talk about the cast of characters! The AI aficionados, the blockchain bros, the VR visionaries – each year, they descend upon Austin like a swarm of eager beavers, each convinced they hold the key to the future. And amidst this motley crew, I found my tribe (godfathered and -mothered by Brian Solis and Stephanie Agresta) – the digital Sherlocks who look beyond the hype, seeking stories and solutions that matter.


So, as the winter chill begins to thaw and the first way too early whispers of spring rustle through the tech grapevines, I find myself plotting on a grey December 27th the course back to Austin. SXSW 2024, I’m ready for you. I’ll be the one with a notebook in one hand and a breakfast taco in the other, navigating the frontier of tomorrow.

Bring it on, SXSW. Let’s dance under the Texan stars and dream up a storm. Let’s have that BBQ platter at the County Line, that twin hull blast over Lake Travis. Let’s meet, talk, drink, listen, argue, dream, build, construct.

After all, if the future is to be written anywhere, it’s here, amidst the dreamers, the doers, and the sheer, unadulterated madness of SXSW.

I’ll be there. Who else?

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