100.000 miles

It probably is a clear manifestation of midlife crisis. Or the desperate cry of an ego trying to break out. Or an honest try to order a gazillion of my thoughts in a mostly structured way. It’s certain that I miss playing with words, sentences and magic dust.

So, I’m writing a book. A collection of words and thoughts that will see the light just in time for my beloved SxSW 2019. There, the deadline is set. A book that expresses my thoughts and vision on societal trends, technology and the old ancient art of communication and influencing.

A year to collect, assess, question, write, kill, rewrite and build.

That leaves me exactly 100.000 miles to meet people, interview friends I admire, authors I like, business people walking the talk daily. A gargantuan journey to wisdom. A treasure of views, experiences, debates, talks, interviews and musings.

I will share every single mile of this journey. Every encounter. Every thought.

Romesh Gunesekera  said: “A passenger on a road journey is in the hands of a driver; a reader embarking on a book is in the hands of a narrator.”

Let me be both…

Leaving Porter Novelli: Fresh Woods and Pastures New…

After 15 years of Porter Novelli, my bags are packed, my boxes shipped. On Monday morning a new life starts, in a new office, as the new managing director for Universal Media Belgium. While Monday will be a great day, and every cell in this cathedral of a body of mine is longing for this new challenge, today is misty, rainy and foggy in me.

I pack more than just a container of stuff. This place was my life for fifteen years, it was so much more than work, it was a place where I happily spent my day, with amazing people, working for great clients. Saying goodbye to such a fabulous experience would rip my heart open, so I just won’t.

This place, these people will be in my heart forever. Their voices, ideas, laughs, hugs and friendly strength, together with tons of Cowboy stories,I will take all that with me. And I’m sure some vapor projection of me will roam this building for still a while to come.

Life teached me in the most kind of ways that people that really matter stick to you as Velcro, regardless of what you do, regardless of where you go. So it is with the bravest of smiles I’ll walk through today.

Thank you Porter Novelli for a fabulous ride. Go Rock On, I’ll be watching you!

Monday it is time for pastures new…

The Outernet: when “trop” could become too much…

It was great for John Havens, Porter Novelli’s Augmented Reality (AR) specialist, and myself to interact with young bright people during a tweet-up at a tradeshow on Social Media (SxSW). The Internet becomes more and more linked with technologies that put it consistently deeper in our real life (so everywhere, really :-)) and becomes the Outernet, closely linked up with the Internet of things. Stuff for intriguing and interesting discussions: as Augmented Reality intersects more and more with Real Life and Semantic Web, how do things like AR affect privacy issues (when image recognition comes into full fruition, is it okay for a stranger to map your face and locate your personal data?), business, (who has the air rights to the Outernet?), and security (Foursquare could give tweeps from the dark side some wonderful information). Even better: What if my phone can track your picture and I know all your details instantaneous, do I even need to remember your name?).

It was great to share thoughts, and drive the debate with this fully connected generation, and interesting to see how divers the different positions on this mobile-sharing lifestyle are. Food for thought, for more debate, and more reflection. People who want to contribute to this conversation can do so on this wiki, and add thoughts on the OGI (the Outernet Guidelines Initiative).

If this sounded like mad gibberish too you: no worries. The fast generation just overtook you on your blind side ;-).

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