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The biggest…

By 02/04/2008One Comment

Now I’ve been known to be reasonably creative as to how you can throw a car into a consumer communication mix J. Ok, you can do press relations, invest in a nice booth on some tradeshows, launch some nice viral movies on the net, populate a blog. But a flashy car doing the right things can just as easily reach to a broad audience and leave a long lasting impression.

And then, in the middle of the Arizona desert, I met about the biggest car I’ve ever seen. Politically very incorrect, probably contributing more to global warming than joggers (the CO² that these runners generate: you have NO idea J). But just very impressive. 3 tons of pure marketing power on wheels. Now there is a thought…

One Comment

  • The effects of Global Warming is getting much stronger these days. We should concentrate more on alternative energy to reduce carbon emissions.

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