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The new magazine is digital

By 04/10/2010No Comments

I am a nostalgic guy. I love the smell of old books. The unforgettable feeling of leather bound poems. The unique aged look of old, forgotten wisdom. I can be found every free moment in my Corbusier long chair fiddling with one of the books of my most precious prize: my library.

And still, I find myself more and more reading electronically. A Kindle did not do the trick; I found it a cheap-surrogate paper knock-off. The Sony e-reader was even worse. I hated it. But lately, I find myself enjoying reading on the iPad. Though it is a ridiculous expensive machine to use for just reading it replaces slowly but surely the many magazines that decorated my coffee table.

Before my many editor friends go berserk: I still love the magazine concept. Glossy tailored pieces of wisdom, tailored to my needs by passionate professionals.  I read TopGear, Home and Garden, DMix, The Word, National Geographic, Vogue, CQ,  Le Figaro, Wired,… but to be honest: most of these magazines have now a digital iPad version that I prefer over the hard-copy one.  Quality of texts stays the same, lay-out as well: the online versions benefit of the great artwork, stylish layout and what have you more. But the electronic paper that my iPad is, gives me a nicer touch. It interlinks with video, augmented reality, social networks. It gives me the same experience as before, but honestly: better.

If you do not believe me: check out a National Geographic, or a Wired in digital form: there is no way back…

I will not give up my books. Ever. But magazines will be digital. Call it evolution… 😉

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