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On Thursday morning, around five o’ clock, I was freezing my butt off in the garden, happily enjoying a double espresso, and watching a spectacular moon eclipse. Only me, some fireflies, twinkling stars and a slowly hiding moon.

A moment of awe and nostalgia.   Sipping my caffeine I saw the Moon enter te penumbra,  the lightest part of the Earth’s shadow. Half an hour later, when the warmth of my bed seemed only a distant memory, the Moon penetrated the deepest dark of Earth’s shadow, the umbra. The Moon turned distinctly dark, leaving only a red glow. I could hear nature holding its breath… the sky looked darker and deeper than any other night. Just to the right of the faded Moon, Saturn blazed its colors. I felt peace, and as time stood still in my garden I closed my eyes, and thought of Avalon. And smiled.


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