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Thought controlled computing: when science fiction becomes science fact

By 10/12/20112 Comments

I have something for brainy girls, so what can I say… deep down in me, I have a particular soft spot for this woman. Ariel Garten is about as close to the verge of helping machine-body integration as you can. Garten is a psychotherapist trained in Neuro-linguistic programming, and is on the frontlines of thought controlled computing.

If there ever was a gap between science, art, business and technology, Ariel has closed it. An avid hydrophone performer, her scientific work converts the workings of the mind into tangible solutions. Interaxon, Garten’s company explores how man and machine can interact better and faster.

Thought controlled computing was deemed a thing that emerged in bad Sci-Fi novels, but Ariel and her team drilled deep into neuro linguistic to make successful machine/mind interfaces. Granted, still far from thinking up your next email, but it is way closer than you think.

Professional thought controlled computing is less than a decade away” states Garten: “then we will have reached the level of speech control we have now”.

Thought controlled computing will first have an impact in the medical field. Think about the endless possibilities for locked in , and paralyzed patients, or people with reduced mobility. But think beyond that. Think about a world, not that far away, where those annoying interfaces with machines just went away. No more crappy small keyboards, smudgy touchscreens, or drilling through menus… we will control our computers, home automation, phones, and all the smart devices around us through thought.

Not convinced? Watch Ariels demo… As she states eloquently: “Even the future has a expiring date” 😉


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