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Tweeting Fridges and my line in the sand

By 13/03/2011No Comments

I admit: I am a geek. Even worse, I’m pretty proud of it. The latest technologies, the latest products and techy gadgets: I want them, I want to play with them, I want to try them.

I talk to my car, listen to the voice synthesizer of my smartphone, and let semi intelligent machines determine and direct a big part of my life. But… to my astonishment, there are limits…

In the #SxSW blogger lounge they have the creepiest thing, the end of civilization as we know it. It features Samsungs tweeting fridge.

Now, in a world where more than a terrabite of new content is being uploaded to the cloud every couple of minutes, and where sifting through data to find relevant data becomes more and more difficult, I am wondering if we’re waiting for household machines to clutter our contentspace.

Mind you, my fridge can send me an sms, our a mail… but I honestly think that the fact that I am out of my favorite flavor of ice-cream is not really of your business. Machine-to-human updates are ok, but they are not social…. So they do not belong in the social ecosphere.

Austin Texas: I draw the line on line-dancing, and tweeting fridges. There.

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