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Well, we all know that the geeky evangelist, and blogger Robert Scoble is a passionate man. Since years he’s traveling the globe, (on Rackspace’s dime) to go and find the newest platforms, apps and technologies. This journey has gotten us memorable pictures of Scoble using his Google Glass in his shower, and finding the man on about every stage, from Timbuktu to South Africa.

Leaving Rackspace

It hit the techspace as a bom, Robert Scoble is leaving Rackspace to take on a new challenge in a leading role with UploadVR. He is very excited, claiming at #sxsw that VR is actually the most orgasmic revolution that hit the tech industry since the introduction of the Apple Macintosh. VR is very much in the same line as the videos and blogging he’s always done , but he is convinced that augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR), combined with 360 movies and live streaming will dramatically chance the communications space.

The dreamy smile

Scoble points out that most of the test users of VR and AR have a “Holy shit, this is amazing”, dreamy smile on their face. “You realize this is mind-blowing,” he told the bloggers at his keynote: “I knew this was going to be industry shifting, utterly significant, and I wanted to be very deeply and personally involved in it.”

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