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Want a Girl? Get an iPhone…

By 21/04/2010One Comment

 My inbox gets flooded by a small 350 press releases per week, and I thought nothing would surprise me. Been there. Read it. :-). And then, PRNewswire slammed a release on my screen that got my attention:

Men With iPhones Are More Attractive to Women”. People with way too much time on their hands apparently conducted a survey of 1500 women that suggests that men who own the Apple iPhone handset are more attractive than those who do not. 54 % of women will date you quicker when you have Apples cutest… and iPhones owners are luckiest in love. There, I said it.

The study used topnotch techniques to come to quotes as “if he has an iPhone then he’s obviously intelligent and well-off.”

Now look, it took us, men, a gazillion generations to judge women on their intelligence, humor, wits… and not on the length of their skirts. And now some heavily paid marketing bonobos discovered that those women judge and label us on the size of our… phones?

But I’m not giving in. Let’s get an #equalphoneday right after #equalpayday until all men will be treated equally by women, independent on the status of their phones.

One Comment

  • Ann says:

    Hilarious but also disbelief.
    But then again, bonobos or nitwits, this is a new era. Perhaps the young girls are indeed attracted by the size of your phone, real women have other preferences.
    So, go ahead and go for equality. You have my blessing.

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