Web 2.0: beware of the dark side!

  I discovered a picture of a girl that was once in my class. On the internet. Posted by an angry ex-boyfriend. A stolen snapshot on a sunny beach, way too revealing. I do not know how she deals with it, if she has not changed too much, she is probably heartbroken. And, seen the nature of the picture, maybe career broken as well.Tons of young people have no clue how damaging the internet is. If I browse  the Facebooks, My Spaces or Bebo’s of the younger people around me, pure fear freezes my heart. They talk openhearted and open-minded about their dates, drinking nights, smoking habits, political views and steamy Saturday evenings. They illustrate the whole with pictures snapped with oversized cell phones. Pictures that leave not a lot to the imagination. And I have a vivid mind. Do these youngsters, this generation Y, understand how unforgiving, mean and relentless the Internet is? A picture of Facebook owners stark drunk. Showing off their butt. Or much worse. Lots of girls seem to succumb way too soon to their boyfriends, thinking that a quick shot with a Cybershot is not that big of a deal. Well,  it is. Boyfriends go, relationships shift… but it is impossible to kill online pictures. Internet does not forget… at all.Too many people potentially damage their future careers (and lives) with details about themselves they post on social networking websites. The Information Commissioner’s Office (IC0) just issued some serious warning to generation Y.  The commission said the youngsters needed to be aware of their electronic footprint. The cost to a person’s future can be very high if something undesirable, or too revealing is found. Be careful, it is dangerous out here! 

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