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ZAPP! Star Wars tech… to kill mosquitoes !

By 03/01/2011No Comments

O, I always loved the thrilling zwop of a good old laser canon. I do not mind if the killer beams are colored green, blue, red, or white… using a condensed foton stream to zap stuf away is simply fascinating. From Buck Rogers, over Star Wars, to Battlestar Galactica, the frying beams have given me hours of relentless pleasure. I always swore: when I would grow up, I would have my very own, very private, very powerful personal lasergun.

Well, I do own a variety of laser pointers now… and I’ve been to the right clubs, where  they have very wrong laser shows… But nothing that even could remotely kill a medium sized Klingon…

But now some mad scientists at have developed a real working murder weapon. It kills… mosquitoes ;-). The right way, with a big ZAP. Enjoy the movie *evil grin*…

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