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I Want My Twitter Back

There is always something. An earthquake. Michael Jackson passes away. Brittney Spears could not find her undies. Steve Jobs iPhone presentation crashed (hihi). Paris Hilton hates undies. Perez Hilton accuses Miley Cyrus of doing a Spears/Hilton. The BP oil well catastrophe, Porter Novelli doing a EMEA social media tour….

Every day something pops up that shakes the web and throws my beloved Tweetdek bananas. But I can live with that. It puts a smile on my face, makes me a little wiser, and gives me something to talk about in the elevator.

But trop is too much. I hate football, yet the whole twitterverse cracks at its seams because a couple of million bonobos all over the world painted in their favorite war-colours (seriously orange?) chatter endlessly on how  where and when a midsized leather ball should roll. Seriously, it’s football. Keep it in your sofa, between your pizza and sixpack.

In about a weeks time sweating men with shaved legs will take over the twitterverse, steaming up and down some way overrated French hills in de Tour de France. And, mind my words, Twitter will crash again.

I have nothing against all that healthy sporting on TV, but when it crashes my online universe I’m getting annoyed. I’ve seen more Twitter fail whales than I can handle. I hate fail whales.

So does Mariana Pugliese, a web savvy cake designer from sunny Buenos Aires. The haunting fail whale chased  her so badly at night, that she decided to create it in real life… and eat it.

Cool. A Fail Whale Cake. Can’t wait till @princess_misia makes me one….

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