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Cladoselache Digitalis: the digital shark

By 14/04/2010No Comments

Cladoselache.  You got to love its handy fusiform, it’s torpedo streamlined spindle-shaped body and its sharp, multicusped teeth. Meet the shark, the silent scream or adrenaline boosting predator that gives surviving divers something to talk about.

And with the Cladoselache Digitalis Mother Nature’s most able fighting machine has a new variety: the digital shark. These are the hungry dark forces of evil that lurk in the swimming areas of the digital decade,the merciless soldiers of fortune that hunt for inappropriate content, revealing pictures, stupid career quotes or private life threatening remarks.

I’m still flabbergasted how younger people carelessly share all of their thoughts, pictures, movies and views… unprotected and online.

I admit. With my grey hair and old bones, I’m not exactly the role model of the digital native, and maybe I am growing too ancient to understand. But if I look at what some people share on their Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and tutti quanti my heart just misses a beat. Do they know I know? Do they know I can see? Do they know that, if I can  so can the whole of west-Timbuktu?

Sharing thoughts and nice moments is fine, as fine as snorkeling in the Blue Lagoon. Just be careful…. Old Bones is telling you it’s a jungle out there.

And what you share can be used… there is a difference between a digital native, and a digital naive

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