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Connected Brains, artificial intelligence… and you

By 07/02/2011One Comment

We’re getting connected, anywhere, anytime. For some this is a scary thought, for some everyday reality. As miniaturization enables computing and transmitting devices to get smaller and smaller, we can make more little things smarter. Wireless connectivity, Bluetooth Low Energy technology, NFC, and high performance location are being built in a plethora of devices. Even consumer goods packaging gets its smart chips incorporated.

All of these devices are being hooked up to the internet, creating de facto an internet of things. Machine to machine data enables you to use your credit cards, helps road side assistance, combats shop lifting and enhances home automation and security (to name a few). Connected sensor devices are playing an increasingly dominant role in fast moving areas such as home care, patient follow-up and healthcare in general.  Small armies of sensors, analyzers and detectors connect through the local area networks, or through the all-mighty smart phones to the internet.

This feeds the web and its connected servers a vast amount of crunchable data. And our artificial brothers are getting better and better in smartly analyzing… and dealing with whatever is thrown their way. Artificial Intelligence, it is a dirty word…

But let’s face the facts: intelligent, interconnected machines help us evolve faster as a species. Much like the control of fire and the inventions of the wheel, steel, writing, electricity and social security the connected computer power propels us to a next level.

Stand-alone computers have beaten the world-chess-champions decades ago…  Google connected cars have driven countless hours through our towns…without human assistance, solely steered by web connected computers. Now IBM’s “Watson” is beating the heck out of human Jeopardy! champions. Watson runs on a small independent network of 90 servers, and is able to deal with complicated language challenges and a need to flawlessly understand complexities of humor, dark puns, vague metaphors and other subtleties that were usually guarded for the human brain’s pattern recognition and analyzing capabilities. Imagine what a Watson-like setup can do when linked to the full power of the millions of servers on the web.

Ray Kurzweil sees in his “fifth Epoch” a merger of technology and Human Intelligence, a moment where the methods of biology will be integrated into the human technology base. I do not know about that, but I do know that the power of the internet of things, enhanced with a sentiment loaded social and semantic web is emerging fast, in countless small devices very near  you…

And that, is not necessarily a bad thing ;-)…. or is it?

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