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Forget biometrics, blockchain and robo-security. Forget influence. The most coveted place at #SXSW is accessible only by drawing blood, A lot of blood. More worryingly: yours.  

HBO’s blockbuster series Game of Thrones partnered up with the American Red Cross with a spectacular “Bleed for the Throne” campaign. Donors at SXSW can revel in walking through a recreation of King’s Landing’s Throne Room and campsite.  Over 80 actors and artists go through a mindboggling 100 page script that brings the Game of Thrones’ realm to life.

After giving your blood, you get access to the Throne Room and a complete real-life immersive experience. Within 120 minutes of the announcement, the experience was fully booked till the end of SXSW, and the American Red Cross is already reporting 40 percent increase in new donor appointments since the campaign announcement yesterday.

I could be persuaded into giving some of my red life water… if the Mother of Dragons holds my hand.

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