Second Life: MG TF

Call me an idiot, or an old nostalgic dreamer. But in spite of having more handheld PC’s than I can use in a lifetime, enough mobile phones to provide in the needs of a small African country, more wireless gadgets than the 82nd Airborne division, more hi-tech technology than Q could dream up in earlier Bond sagas… I can still hopelessly fall in love with old beauties.
So in a rage of pre-midlife crisis, I bought one of the cars I secretly dreamed of since I was a little kid: an MG TF from 1952. A nice, old English lady, perfectly restored by Stephan from SD motors. Back-to-basics. No power steering, no power breaks, no airbags, no high-tech tralala. Fast and unsafe.  But O boy, is she pretty. And she is mine 🙂

 100_1152 100_1151 100_1156 100_1150 100_1160 100_1159

My little nephews are probably going to honk themselves a tendonitis on the old horn, and call my newest possession “Froggy”, but I can live with that… green is the new black!


3 thoughts on “Second Life: MG TF

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  • 08/08/2007 at 18:34

    Hi Danny, this is a beautifull car and I am glad that I could send you the picture of this beauty
    best regards

  • 25/07/2007 at 15:18

    Green man of the month, green car of the green man of the month, green accesories of the green car of the green man of the month…Can anyone be more ecological?


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