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Stop the press! – Justin Bieber cut his hair!

By 23/02/2011No Comments

I am flabbergasted. Muʿammar Al-Qaḏâfî is still Kalashnikov-wrestling with half of the Libyan nation. The F1 circus skips Bahrain because it is way too unstable. New Zealand is still looking for survivors after a devastating earthquake; the planet is heating up and our friendly neighbor-star Betelgeuse can blow up any minute now…

But… to my astonishment the online newswires seem to be more a-buzz on Justin Bieber’s and Jennifer Aniston’ s new haircuts. Apparently la Aniston hated her Rachel trim, and went for a sexier, more mature business cut. And though I admit there are worse things to look at in the morning than a smiling Aniston… I’m trying to figger out (over my third cup of coffee): why should I care?

One newspaper screams (kidding you not!!) “Justin Bieber’s Hair cut down: A teen nation mourns”. Now THAT is what I call newsworthy :-). Bieber cut off his strands, an half a billion screaming 13 year olds need to go in therapy. Next up: parents will sue Bieber for mental terror on their beloved teenagers… There is more: Bieber tweeted this very last night that “he will give his cut hair to charity.” And a star-watch-blog immediately headlined: “Never in the field of human civilization was so much owed by so many to so few strands of hair”. Really.

I don’t know what Momo Qadafi is up to this weekend, I’m not sure if Betelgeuse goes supernova and back on Sunday… but Twitter be warned: Saturday I’ll be doing an Aniston. Still negotiating the live-cast rights…

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