Aquila: How do you connect the last billion?

While we’re all happy within our connected lives (and sometimes look to get disconnected as a sign of pure luxury),

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The Battle for Social World Domination: The Stacks : taking over your life

How do you get absolute control? That quest for world domination has been around for a couple of millennia. There

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SxSW: why everyone hates Facebook

It’s like an almost silent undercurrent here at #SxSW: people and brands are not very happy with Facebook.  The fact

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Facebook claims to be very much like Television

Social Media. Brand mentions on Social Network. How do you calculate value, how do you get comprehensible ROI in your

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I felt a bit empty, without a purpose, even bored. As a seasoned social media warrior (I promised @thebrandbuilder not

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Instagram: when big boys play…

First of all: a billion dollars is a mighty smack of money. It is a huge pile of cash. It

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Pinterest is not a strategy

Shall we agree to some simple rules? Shall we be open, honest, and right in your face at all times?

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Trusting Privacy settings is Bungee jumping without a rope…

You trust those bungee ropes blindly, don’t you? Think again… they might very likely hang you. An Indian summer drink

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Zuckerberg’s Law : your life is now on(the)line

Imagine; in 2008 a young kid CEO piggybacked on Moore’s law, stating boldly that people will share twice the information

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Facebook: Kill « LIKE » to «ENGAGE»

It sounded a bit like a seriously broken record. For more than a year, most of the marketing, communications and

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