Looking for a smartphone for men

I know that I will be kicking in more political correct doors than I can possibly legally afford. But I need to ventilate: I want a new phone. One that is designed for men.

I now pack an iPhone. It’s overrated, ridiculously expensive, nice, smart, slick, fast, intelligent, and above all: good looking. It even makes the color of my eyes stand out. But it comes with a twist: it is delicate, sensitive and fragile. It hates dust, moisture, temperature peaks, sand, mud, shocks and scratches. Basically: it hates me.

Steve Jobs had a nice black turtle neck and washed-out jeans. But his phone is simply not made for me. I dive in half-frozen pools. I drive my Landrover through rivers and a meter of mud. I let it climb impossible mountains. I use the winch. I get dirty. I drive cars through corners faster than is good for me and the environment in general. I generate more  g-forces than a fighter pilot. I am a boy.

See, my Breitling watch effortlessly resists my kind of lifestyle. So does my Audi, my Landrover, my Swiss Army knife. Even my wife is Danny-proof. All, except my iPhone. I broke two in 20 months.  Before all you loyal Apple fans go all oh and ah, no other brand designs phones for me it seems. HTC, Nokia, Samsung… all those fragile designs seem to bend and break by just looking at them.

The only one that fits my profile is the phone from Landrover. But, it is real real stupid, middle aged technology. You can drive a bulldozer over it though.

Sigh. How difficult can it be: a sturdy impact resistant smart phone for a caveman like me?

The Road to London is long…

For the yearly Bluetooth gift guide event, we geared up our trusted cars again. The Lotus Elise packed with new goodies, and  Felix, our Landrover Lightweight armed to the teeth with wireless Bluetooth systems. London, here we come!

Yep… ready to roll!

We did not catch a lot of sleep lately, and Stefaan from SD motors has not seen his bed for ages… but our Landrover Lightweight is ready in time for our viral trip to France.   It’s equipped with a multitude of Bluetooth enabled devices and features a sound system that would freak out many a DJ J. We decided to call this black panther like demo car “Felix”.  

Don’t panic!

On Thursday morning we leave for our Bluetooth SIG viral tour. First assignment: discover the beautiful beaches of Northern France, from Boulogne up to the well known Omaha, Utah, Sword, Juno and Gold beaches in Normandy. We will stop, show the endless hordes of tourists what Bluetooth wireless technology can do, and move on.

Apotheosis is a couple of visits to Rouen, where the most magnificent sailing ships of the planet gathered together before majestically sailing down the Seine on Monday 14th . With a forecasted reach of over 10 million people, a hell of an event. J

Our trusted Bluetooth SIG Lotus, and Parrots 1952 MG TF will be joined by a paratrooper Landrover Lightweight. Three more days. And this is what the car looks like right now. Don’t panic.

The Defender project

Mixing business with pleasure has always been one of my top priorities. Life is just way to short to allow for too many dull moments. Luckily, a job as communication advisor allows for plenty of great contacts: you meet people, you see places.

Since four years now, I occasionally throw a car in to the communication mix. People just like it better when they can see or experience things. And a car is a highly visible, highly mobile, highly versatile tool that can be used on tradeshows, press events, in viral actions, or on the move.

We have the Lotus for its high coolness factor (heck this is the car that Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear bought for his wife!); we have the MG TF for its looks. What we lacked was some brute dare-develish thing with lots more space to build in stuff. Something that could go places. Road or no road. J

We thought Hummer, but gave in to the political not correctness of that monster. So when Stefaan from SD-motors found an old paratrooper Land Rover Lightweight we smiled.

It’s dirty. It’s old. It’s pure bruteness. But Stefaan will turn it in to a perfect marketing/communication vehicle. In 20 days. No pressure J.


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