Princess Leia, the girl in the golden bikini

Strictly the only sign of aging I can detect, is that my youth heroes start falling like dominos. I cannot blink an eye, or there is one gone. The bizarre thing is, I only detect the impact these people had on my life, when they lay down their head for the last time. It’s kind of sad.

I was profoundly disturbed to watch Han Solo die stupidly in the last Star Wars. Wait a minute.  How could they. Why. Luckily, Harrison Ford is still alive for the prequels.

But now, Princess Leia is dead. Gone. Not blasted into oblivion by an Imperial Laser, or cut down by a dark side of the force fuelled light saber.  No, a stupid heart attack on a commercial airplane. That is no way to die for an intergalactic hero. That’s not the way to go for the proudest rebel. Her own obituary is more like it:

“She drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra”

George Lucas explained the young Carrie Fisher that she had to go commando under her white robes in the Star Wars trilogy. In space, her breasts would expand, her bra would not… and that could be dangerous. So Carrie wanted to have “Drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra” as her last line, her last comic wink.

The golden Bikini

When Return of the Yedi aired in 1983, I was a sweaty young boy of 14. The impact of the delicious Rebel Princess in a metal golden bikini on all kind of conscious, unconscious, projected and phantasmal levels cannot be underestimated.  That sight can never be unseen. It’s rare that so little had such an impact on so many.  Screw the baby boomers, the gen X’ers, the gen Y’ers. They can have Pokémon.  I am a proud part of the Golden Bikini generation.

Costume designer Aggie Guerard Rodgers who designed the famous bikini, could not have dreamed the impact the sensual outfit would have on a whole generation of Star Wars Loving Adventurers.

Smart, bipolar and funny

Of course, princess Leia was more than the golden slave girl, and of course Carrie Fisher was more than the sexy warrior-princess of the rebellion. Carrie was smart, witty. Her outing of her bipolarity was courageous. Her talking about her mental disorder, and her difficulties with addictive substances helped other people in understanding and accepting. She was extremely funny. She was a damned good writer, a superb script doctor.  But for me, she will always be the crush of my young years, the courageous princess with the golden bikini.

Everything is negotiable. Whether or not the negotiation is easy is another thing”. Carrie Fisher

Star Wars Rogue One. True heroes die.

So there I was. All Coca Cola and popcorn.  A full day before the Belgians got a shot at it, I got to see Rogue One (tx Ilse Lambrechts!). Star Wars baby, but not as you used to know it.  Not the kind of Star Wars you’d dream up. Not the Walt Disney smooth Princess treatment some have feared. Rogue One is solid. Dark. It radiates Rebels, War, and Tragedy.


Timeline wise, this episode is just after Star Wars 3, just before star Wars 4.  It gives some good answers to those questions you carry with you since the first trilogy. But this Rogue One is not part of the ongoing Saga. Little to no magic of the Force, no quasi invincible ‘chosen ones’. The goodies bleed when they get hit. They die. They die hard. This is about the brutal bloody tragedy of war. Of laying down lives so that others can live. Gareth Edwards made a stark dark Star Wars. Westeros in Space.  It’s beautiful.


In the light of underdogs fighting to survive in countries all around us as we speak, this movie is right in your face. War ups the ante. You cannot be a hero without dying first. Rebellions are built on reckless and romantic hope, on stolen weapons. On insane bravery, and blood colored sand. Rebellions are built on quarreling outcasts arguing among themselves and mistrusting each other, fighting the bigger evil together. This is no Alliance, these are people flocking together in a desperate attempt not to be blown away by an evil emperor who has the better weapons and controls the high ground. These are people fighting with their back to the wall. Fight or die. Statically, the odds are non-existent.

Rogue One Trailer

I will not spoil any further. Go see.


iMax 3D

I saw the movie in the new iMax in the Brussels’ Kinepolis, in HD double laser projected 3D. More than impressive.

Star Wars and ACDC – I’m that old!

Two heroes of my childhood in one music video. Star Wars meets ACDC. May the Thunder be with you!

ZAPP! Star Wars tech… to kill mosquitoes !

O, I always loved the thrilling zwop of a good old laser canon. I do not mind if the killer beams are colored green, blue, red, or white… using a condensed foton stream to zap stuf away is simply fascinating. From Buck Rogers, over Star Wars, to Battlestar Galactica, the frying beams have given me hours of relentless pleasure. I always swore: when I would grow up, I would have my very own, very private, very powerful personal lasergun.

Well, I do own a variety of laser pointers now… and I’ve been to the right clubs, where  they have very wrong laser shows… But nothing that even could remotely kill a medium sized Klingon…

But now some mad scientists at have developed a real working murder weapon. It kills… mosquitoes ;-). The right way, with a big ZAP. Enjoy the movie *evil grin*…

Shoot your own Tie fighters…

Teodora, our great @PNBR5 intern pointed me towards this great game. I am a great Star Wars fan (I still think Yoda’s fuzzy little green ears are kinda cute), and I am a big believer in the exciting possibilities of Augmented Reality. When two of my burning passions come together, I feel like a kid in a candy store…

If you now please will excuse me, I have to shoot some nasty Tie Fighters out of the Brussels skyline!
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