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When job defines title: the wired and the tired…

By 06/04/2010No Comments

I never get tired following the endless on- and offline discussions on bloggers and journalists. Are bloggers journalists. Can journalists blog? Who is more important? Who should get that press card? If you look at the two extremities of that discussion, you get what you could characterize as “the wired and the tired”…

But go to the middle zone… some bloggers really are influential, know what they talk about and use deontology that even surpasses that of some newspapers I know… Some journalists have a great 2nd life by blogging online personally, or on news sites…

And is a news site inferior to a paper magazine?

I agree with a one liner that was tweeted to me (@leoexter): “Job defines title, not the other way around”…

In the new news landscape, online will have an exponentially growing part, and most newspapers and magazines are gearing up for the battle for the Kindle, JooJoo and iPad. The Darwinian principle of survival of the fittest will give a brilliant future to the best news and topic reporters. They will honestly not care if we think them journalists… or not 😉

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