The police and a car burning with… Passion?

Hilarity when the Molenbeek police rushed in to save…. the @pnbr5 demo car. We positioned the Lotus on our parking lot, complete with some nice smoke puffin out of the smoking machine in the trunk. The brave officers where almost halfway shooting their fire extinguishers from the hip, when we could prove them all was fine and under control. This neighborhood is in excellent hands!

The Road to London is long…

For the yearly Bluetooth gift guide event, we geared up our trusted cars again. The Lotus Elise packed with new goodies, and  Felix, our Landrover Lightweight armed to the teeth with wireless Bluetooth systems. London, here we come!

The longest day

We were invited by the Vespa club de France (thanks mister Reine!) to showcase our Bluetooth enabled fleet on the docks of Quillebeuf sur Seine on the 14th of July.  Parrots MG TF, and both the Lotus and the LaRo Lightweight featured alongside vintage Vespas and a plethora of French classic cars.

Thousands of people took turns around our wheels, admired the stunning audio blasting out of the Parrot RK 8200 radio (we linked it up to a 1800 musical watt installation in the Lightweight J), and posed in, on or around the vehicles.

Our youngest admirer was 1, the oldest one just turned 97. We drained the batteries of our Sony Ericsson phones while streaming audio to our speakers for more than 10 hours straight.

A sunny day. Lots of demos. Sunburned. Sore feet. Aching backs. Tortured ears. Hungry. But very satisfied… we smile 😉

Don’t panic!

On Thursday morning we leave for our Bluetooth SIG viral tour. First assignment: discover the beautiful beaches of Northern France, from Boulogne up to the well known Omaha, Utah, Sword, Juno and Gold beaches in Normandy. We will stop, show the endless hordes of tourists what Bluetooth wireless technology can do, and move on.

Apotheosis is a couple of visits to Rouen, where the most magnificent sailing ships of the planet gathered together before majestically sailing down the Seine on Monday 14th . With a forecasted reach of over 10 million people, a hell of an event. J

Our trusted Bluetooth SIG Lotus, and Parrots 1952 MG TF will be joined by a paratrooper Landrover Lightweight. Three more days. And this is what the car looks like right now. Don’t panic.

Mom, I want an upgrade!

There you have it. You drive to Geneva in a customized Lotus, crammed to the ceiling with the nicest wireless products some of the most advanced global brands can get. You feel good. You feel great. Let’s face it, when you hear that roar from the twin exhausts… *sigh*
And then you walk into the Geneva car show, and you bump into a Lotus model that not only outruns ours easily (ego getting new dent), but can just outsmart us by lengths: the bloody thing also floats on water, and has some speedboat ambitions.

I want one. And I want the 007 license plates. Call it midlife crises J


I love traffic jams…

Yep. That can count as a baseline, not? Stefaan from SD-motors managed to get the Lotus repaired in a record time (ever tried ordering a piece @ Lotus? J ), so on Sunday we will be on our way to the Geneva car show where we will give demos of the newest Sony Ericsson  peripherals to the journalists attending the event.  Bluetooth enabled watches, stereo headsets, streaming audio devices, FM transmitters, cool W910i walkman phones (the faces of these poor iPhone users when I switch the song by just shaking the phone. Touchscreens seem sooooo 1990 these days, vivat gravitron sensors!)… you name it, we have it.

And with all that gear to play with, we don’t mind a traffic jam… or two 😉    


Grease monkey and Snowwhite

I know, that really does sound like a romantic fairytale, what you? After two years of loyal, faithful services, we decided to say goodbye to our yellow demo-Lotus. We dragged the poor thing from Barcelona, over Paris to Copenhagen, from Dublin, over London to Vienna… and showed it in, on, or around every tradeshow worth that name. Journalists drove it, Bluetooth demos were given in a plethora of countries and languages. But Chiquita collected miles and scratches, and after an over eager salesman stupidly slammed into her tender backside, we decided to let her go on a well-earned retirement.   But next week, we need wheels. Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is coming up, and we need to show the newest cool Bluetooth products. So we need a car that is up to the usual standards. Something funky, cool, convertible and fast. Indeed. A Lotus J.

Stefaan, our trusted grease monkey from SD-motors is building us one. Building it up to spec, with the usual strobe lights, blue leds, demo neons, and smoke generators; but also with the widest range of Bluetooth equipment.  It is Aspen white. We will call it Snowwhite. We’re not panicking (yet): Stefaan has 48 hours to finish it. No pressure….


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