Colors, Augmented Reality and Drones

I guess I’m a real boy. I always wanted to be a pilot, a secret agent and some super astronaut hero. Nice ambition, until some doctor discovered that I was so colorblind that I saw ripe tomatoes in exotic shades of green…  which banned me from flying anything any higher than I can jump…

That is, until Henri Seydoux from the Paris based company Parrot introduced the Parrot Augmented Reality Drone last year. An iPhone controlled quadricopter so cool, it makes seasoned polar bears shiver. Equipped with four high speed rotors, ground following radar, high definition video cameras front and under, and with an effective flying range well over the advertised 50 meters, it looks like it was designed by Q-on-mushrooms himself for some deep cover mission.

You control the Drone by simply tilting your iPhone (or iPad) front, back, left or right. Altitude and rotation are simple touch controls on the screen. Flying by moving your phone. Neat. Even more spectacular is that the drone sends streaming video back to your phone, real time and high definition.

Your control screen on your iPhone looks like something that could control a Stealth fighter, complete with augmented reality, tilt warning, altitude and direction finder.

It’s good to be a boy, these days…

Augmented reality drone. And my birthday

I am a boy. A big one. I am easy, honestly. I love gadgets. Give me something with batteries, an on/off button, some wireless hocus pocus and a handful of twinkling LED’s and I’ll be happily humming in a corner figuring it out.

My birthday is coming up. I know all of you desperately want to make me very very happy. But what could make me happy? What has little LED’s, some augmented reality, a remote control and enough coolness to chill even the best bottle of Zubowka into an ice cube?

Well, luckily, Nicolas Halftermeyer pointed me towards Henri Seydoux. SEydoux,  from the Paris based Parrot company,  is still a boy in his own right. He and his engineers came up with about the coolest toy on this side of the galaxy: a flying drone, iPad controlled, augmented reality enhanced, all wireless and with an OOMPH factor to freeze hell all over. Twice.

The Parrot AR drone. Look no further. As said, I am easy to please. 🙂

Trammelant: back to the future!

Every year the cozy little littoral village of De Haan time warps itself back to the early 1900’s.  Around the uniquely styled tram station the whole village dresses up in the magnificent costumes and gowns of the Belle-epoque, and as by magic horses, steam vehicles and old timers tuftuf agreeable through the street, watched by over a hundred thousand delighted tourists.

We thought it would be an ideal moment to showcase the endless possibilities of wireless technology. So we managed to get hold of some priceless 100 year old wardrobe, and used our trusted old MG as a Trojan Horse. It’s true, the MG TF from 1952 is way too young for a early 20th century happening. But trust us (we’re consultants), nobody in that crowd sees the difference between a Ford T racer, a Bugatti 1940 and our Bluetooth enabled vehicle.

Security guards let us in without so much as the blink of an eye, and we dived deep in to the festivities. The roaring music power blasting out from our 750 watt kicker system in the back of the MG (powered by Parrot’s incredible RK8200 radio) generated a good deal of street dancing. Not to worry, we equipped our Sony Ericsson phones solely with foxtrot and charleston tunes.     

DSC01032 DSC01024 DSC01014 DSC_2462 DSC_2502

And a lot of splendidly dressed damsels and gentlemen got a fair taste of Bluetooth stereo headsets. When the future of today meets the past… it was a good event J.

The longest day

We were invited by the Vespa club de France (thanks mister Reine!) to showcase our Bluetooth enabled fleet on the docks of Quillebeuf sur Seine on the 14th of July.  Parrots MG TF, and both the Lotus and the LaRo Lightweight featured alongside vintage Vespas and a plethora of French classic cars.

Thousands of people took turns around our wheels, admired the stunning audio blasting out of the Parrot RK 8200 radio (we linked it up to a 1800 musical watt installation in the Lightweight J), and posed in, on or around the vehicles.

Our youngest admirer was 1, the oldest one just turned 97. We drained the batteries of our Sony Ericsson phones while streaming audio to our speakers for more than 10 hours straight.

A sunny day. Lots of demos. Sunburned. Sore feet. Aching backs. Tortured ears. Hungry. But very satisfied… we smile 😉

Showcasing in Vieux Port

Vieux Port is one of the most picturesque villages of Normandy. Its typical houses en colombage and its magnificent view on the Seine make it a romantic and quiet setting. We stopped our three cars there to give short demos on the shore. Kudos for the Activities Commission  for letting us through J.

The Parrot MG still rocks

Parrots 1952 MG TF is loaded with tons of high tech Bluetooth equipment. The old British car features an armada of hands free systems and radios allowing streaming music directly from the mobile phone. Youngsters proved to be very very impressed with the sound quality that boomed out of the speaker system

Yep… ready to roll!

We did not catch a lot of sleep lately, and Stefaan from SD motors has not seen his bed for ages… but our Landrover Lightweight is ready in time for our viral trip to France.   It’s equipped with a multitude of Bluetooth enabled devices and features a sound system that would freak out many a DJ J. We decided to call this black panther like demo car “Felix”.  

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