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Pixar: 22 Rules of Storytelling

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If it’s good for Pixar…

I am Charlie…

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40DFkaHI never write about politics. I never write about religion, I’m an agnostic.

I abhor fanaticism in every way, and religious and political fanaticism in particular.
I do believe however in everyone’s fundamental right to believe. I profoundly believe in everybody’s right to disagree, to voice discontentment, to protest, to use words, cartoons and satire as means of expression and as an intellectual weapon. I do believe in the power of dialogue, in the freedom of speech, in the freedom of expression.
I can’t accept a world or civilization where machineguns and senseless violence tries to win a moral or intellectual battle. I can’t see any reason why satirists Cabu, Charb, Tignous, Wolinski and their colleagues had to die.
I am sad. I am angry.
But I will never be speechless…

Facebook first? Think again…

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Digital content trends for 2015

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